25 November 2009

Pink Ribbon Charity Cupcakes

Gorgeous mother of 2 Julie hosted a Pink Ribbon Tupperware Party to raise money for a charity close to our hearts.
Vanilla Lily has donated pink ribbon cupcakes to the event with all proceeds from each cupcake being donated to the charity.
Cupcakes are vanilla bean buttercake and coconut cake with vanilla bean buttercream.

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Isabelle turns 4!

Beautiful rainbow cake for Isabelle's 4th birthday, complete with an adorable fairy.

The cake is a callebaut milk chocolate mud cake, layered and filled with milk chocolate
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24 November 2009

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cake cupcake testers for Alana and Liam's wedding in April 2010.
Wedding colours are latte and cream and incorporated into the cupcake design.
Flavours included for them were coconut cake with callebaut white chocolate ganache, vanilla bean butter cake with vanilla bean buttercream, carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
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Lade's Birthday Cake

Happy 50th Birthday to Lade!
Lade's cake and cake design ordered by her niece Olly.
Hazelnut mud cake with hazelnut praline, frangelico syrup and milk chocolate ganache.
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12 November 2009

Veux Fashion Launch

Mini cupcakes for the Veux fashion launch tonight at the Chalk Hotel. Good luck tonight Veux!
Cupcakes are black and white themed to suit Veux's colours.
Cake is valrhona chocolate cake with ruffled sour cream icing.
For those lucky to be attending the Veux launch tonight, Vanilla Lily is including $10 discount vouchers in all gift bags.
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07 November 2009

Sydney Swans fan Sean turned the big 4 0 this week and we had the pleasure of creating this cake for him.
Caramel mud cake with real caramel filling covered in callebaut white chocolate ganache.
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Teddy Bear Clothes Line Cake

Dee's Baby Shower!
Cake inspired by Planet Cake.
Top tier - flourless orange and almond with callebaut white chocolate ganache.
Bottom tier - dark callebaut mud cake with dark chocolate ganache - lovely and rich.
Congratulations Dee!
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Thea's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Thea.
Ordered by the lovely Liza (a fave regular of ours) requesting them to be pink, purple, white and pretty. We hope you love them!
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Castle Cake

A delightful barbie castle cake for little Dakota turning 4!
'Dad' ordered a castle cake leaving all design completely up to us - so much fun!
The top tier is a valrhona chocolate cake layered with callebaut white chocolate ganache and the bottom tier is a moist pink vanilla butter cake also layered with callebaut white chocolate ganache.
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Happy Halloween Cake

Happy halloween dress up party - cake for Silvio and Lisa.
Deliciously moist coconut cake layered with callebaut white chocolate ganache.
All decorations hand made by Vanilla Lily with our witch inspired from Debbie Brown. Pin It