29 September 2010

Engagement Cake for Charlie

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Dracula Cupcakes

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23 September 2010



Vanilla Lily Cake Design is holding a draw to give away a FREE decorated cake to the value of $240!

How exciting is that???? Further, we're going to photograph and detail the construction of your cake from start to finish and publish this on our blog and facebook page. This is so you can all see the process of how our cakes are made and how much work is involved in the construction of our creations!

The winner will be entitled to a 6 inch round triple layered ganached cake which is the size of our elephant cake as pictured above.

The deets of the giveaway:
  1. The draw is to be held once Vanilla Lily Cake Design reaches over 1,000 likers on Facebook.
  2. The draw will replace the regular monthly cupcake draw for the month that the cake draw is held. Normal cupcake draws will resume the following month.
  3. To be eligible to enter the draw all you have to do is like our Facebook page.
  4. To enter the draw, you have to wait until you see our post in your Facebook news feed titled 'CAKE GIVEAWAY - FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO ENTER'. Do not comment to our Facebook post as this method of entry will be considered invalid and will be disregarded as according to Facebook promotion guidelines we cannot hold our giveaway on our Facebook page.
  5. The winners name will be drawn randomly by an independent party of Vanilla Lily Cake Design to ensure integrity and will be announced on our blog page - we will post a Facebook announcement that the winner has been drawn and link you to the blog post so you can follow the link to see if you are a winner. We advise that due to Facebook Promotion Guidelines we cannot publish the winners name on our Facebook page.
  6. The date of the winners name being drawn will be determined upon when Vanilla Lily Cake Design reaches 1,000 likers on Facebook. You will be informed of the date and time you have until, to get your name in.
  7. You may only enter your name in the draw once. If you put your name down more than once, it will not be counted.
  8. You must be aged 18 or over to enter the giveaway.

 Terms and conditions:
  1. The winner will receive their prize in gift certificate form and be valid for 6 months.
  2. You must be aged 18 or over to enter the giveaway.
  3. The gift certificate will be for 'a 6" round ganached decorated cake only, to the value of $240' and cannot be used for any other purpose.
  4. The gift certificate cannot be used as a discount towards an existing order you have with us.
  5. Should the cake you request not total $240 in value, any balance remaining will be voided and unusable for any purpose.
  6. Should the cake you request total more than $240 in value, you can either pay the difference between the total cost and the $240 value or modify the design until it reaches the gift certificate value.
  7. The winner must be able to collect their finished cake once the order is placed, from Mount Gravatt, Qld.
  8. Our normal gift certificate terms and conditions will apply.
  9. Notice of a minimum of 4 weeks before you wish to collect your cake must be given, however you can order 6 months in advance, knowing that your gift certificate is only valid for 6 months.
  10. Vanilla Lily Cake Design will reserve the right to determine whether your cake can be completed on the date you request due to any existing orders we have on our schedule.
  11. Your gift certificate will not be redeemable over 19/12/10 - 09/01/11, 10/02/11 - 14/02/11, 18/04/11 - 25/04/2011 and 02/05/2011 - 08/05/2011 due to our heavy volume of orders over this period.
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Cake & Cupcake Giveaway Promotions

In order to comply with Facebook promotion guidelines, we can still publicize our giveaways on our Facebook business page but they must be administered off site. Meaning we can tell you about them on Facebook page and link you to where you can enter, but we cannot run them through Facebook nor announce the winner via Facebook and we still must comply with certain promotion guidelines for publicising our giveaways.
We would like to continue our free monthly cupcakes for our 'likers' only and we still have our FREE CAKE to give away too!
Can anyone suggest the best way we can operate our cake giveaways?
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20 September 2010


Thanks to Joc Curran at The Zoo (http://www.thezoo.com.au/) and to Sadie Lost for featuring us (and our fabulous puma clyde shoe cake) in the online magazine FourThousand!

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Cupcake draw

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Book Cake

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08 September 2010


Like us on Facebook - WHY?

Because when we hit 1,000 likers, we're giving away a FREE, yes FREE and FABULOUS CAKE - wooohooooo!!!!!!!

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Baby Shower Fun!

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