23 September 2010

Cake & Cupcake Giveaway Promotions

In order to comply with Facebook promotion guidelines, we can still publicize our giveaways on our Facebook business page but they must be administered off site. Meaning we can tell you about them on Facebook page and link you to where you can enter, but we cannot run them through Facebook nor announce the winner via Facebook and we still must comply with certain promotion guidelines for publicising our giveaways.
We would like to continue our free monthly cupcakes for our 'likers' only and we still have our FREE CAKE to give away too!
Can anyone suggest the best way we can operate our cake giveaways?
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  1. Hi, couldn't you just direct them here to the blog page to enter? And then put a link on FB to look here again when the winner is drawn. Sorry can't think of anything more creative :)

  2. Hi Lucy

    I was thinking the same thing but I was wondering if there was a better way. Particularly with our cake giveaway coming up soon - I figure we might get a few people entering that one for sure ;-)