03 April 2011

Cupcake Giveaway 7 May 2011

The winner is.... Kim Morgan!
Congrats! please email enquiries@vanillalily.com.au in regards to claiming your prize.

Read below to find out how to enter and win 6 lovely decorated cupcakes - JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHERS DAY!:

So I stuffed the girls around a bit with dates for the January/February workshop this year. What does this have to do with your cupcake giveaway? Well I promised I would give the lady who made the best cupcakes on the day of this workshop, a coveted Jessie Steele Designer Apron valued at $40. Annnnnyway, rather than just giving your name to enter this cupcake giveaway, I'm going to get you to VOTE on the cupcakes you think were the best of the day to go in the draw to win.
So what you have to do is comment on this post below with your first name AND surname and the corresponding letter (A, B, C, D, E or F) of the cupcakes (pictured below) which you like best.
Your cupcakes will be available for collection only (sorry no delivery available this time!) on 7 May 2011 (Saturday - the day before Mothers Day) at 4pm. Please only enter if you are available to collect them at this time on this day. They will be a delicious banana cake with white chocolate ganache. The banana cake recipe includes rich cream which makes the cake deliciously moist and out of all my recipes, this is my familys favourite one!
You must be a liker of the Facebook page to enter (of course!).
Thanks everyone so much for your participation. All the workshop attendees were so lovely, I can't wait to give the winner her prize :-) and yes the ladies who attended this workshop and made the lovely creations below are also allowed to enter!


Here is a picture of the gorgeous Jessie Steele Apron that one lucky lady will win.
Here is a photo of the latest cupcakes made for our cupcake giveaway winner! Pin It