18 January 2011

Win a Cupcake Courier!!!!

We're are on a quest and we need YOUR help!

We want to find the best gluten and dairy free cupcake recipe in the world (well why not - if we just say Australia then it could mean there are better ones out there right????)
Right now we figure that the flourless orange and almond cake on our menu (gluten and dairy free) is pretty damn hot stuff. But guess what, we hear it's all you ever get when you live with these intolerances or lifestyle choices and we think that bites the big one..... So, we don't want to be like everyone else with the same old same old. We'll keep our gorgeous orange and almond cake on the menu, but we want MORE (of course - doesn't everyone?).

So here is the deal:
Email us your amazingly wonderful dairy and gluten free cupcake recipe (if it's a cake recipe it still has to work well as cupcakes ie rise well and not pull away from the papers after cooked). If we trial your recipe and love it so much we decide to add your recipe to our menu, you will win a cupcake courier. Does that sound like a good deal to you? hmmmmm what was that? you want cupcakes to go in it? Why the heck not! hehe... While we are at it, we'll throw in a half dozen decorated cupcakes for you to enjoy as well. Total Value $95.00.

So get to emailing us. We'll be most appreciative of your help and it will save our hair as we're sure we've lost a bunch of strands everytime we pull a batch of trial cuppies out of the oven to find they have sunk beyond oblivion....

Please have your recipes to us at enquiries@vanillalily.com.au by 12 February 2011. We will announce the winners name by 28 February 2011.
We do ask that you don't just send us links to gluten free websites or recipes as believe us, we have googled and baked and googled and baked and read books and baked and we have been there. We want something you have made and KNOW is a real winner :-)

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09 January 2011

Cakes in wet weather

We use fondant to make cake decorations and to cover our cakes. This type of icing usually firms up in normal weather. However in these miserable wet conditions in Brisbane, it is causing many dramas for cake decorators.
With so much moisture in the air, figurine creations and smooth fondant on cakes becomes soft and sticky and loses shape. It can sometimes lead to last minute design changes to accomodate for the moisture which can be frustrating.
If you're struggling with your own cake in this weather - you are not alone! The best way to help combat the moisture is to keep your decorations/cake in a ventilated box with a moisture absorber or two and keep the box in a dry air conditioned room.

Are you buying a custom designed cake? Be aware to not put your cake in the fridge or get it wet. Moisture is the enemy!

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