09 January 2011

Cakes in wet weather

We use fondant to make cake decorations and to cover our cakes. This type of icing usually firms up in normal weather. However in these miserable wet conditions in Brisbane, it is causing many dramas for cake decorators.
With so much moisture in the air, figurine creations and smooth fondant on cakes becomes soft and sticky and loses shape. It can sometimes lead to last minute design changes to accomodate for the moisture which can be frustrating.
If you're struggling with your own cake in this weather - you are not alone! The best way to help combat the moisture is to keep your decorations/cake in a ventilated box with a moisture absorber or two and keep the box in a dry air conditioned room.

Are you buying a custom designed cake? Be aware to not put your cake in the fridge or get it wet. Moisture is the enemy!

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