25 September 2011

Baby Carriage Cake for Bec

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19 September 2011

Jane got hitched .....

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Alisha + Matt = Married

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06 September 2011

Giveaway further announcement

What is that saying - no good deed goes unpunished? It was an attempt to show my appreciation for your Facebook support however I feel hurt and disappointed that many of you are up in arms about the competition. This prize is a total value of $300 and is certainly not cheap. I am gifting time away from my children and valuable knowledge that I spent years, hard work and money learning myself. I hope you all appreciate that.

HOWEVER, in saying all of the above, I can see everyones point and I will admit in all my dithering to make a decision (because I wanted everyone to win), that particular rule was forgotten and I offer my sincerest apologies as you are correct in stating that it has not been made fair on those who strictly played by the rules. Thank you Mel for putting your names to your comments - I appreciate it and I do look forward to making more cakes in the future for such a lovely person who is not afraid to speak her mind!

Now, in order to rectify this situation, I have decided to change this gift to a two person tutorial. Having already announced Andrea as a winner, I feel I cannot go back on my decision, what is done is done so to speak.
Now to make this fair, you will all get a chance to re-post your comments below, however I will remove 25 words or less restriction so you have all had the same chance as Andrea to let me know about your love of cake. However, please try and keep from writing mini novels if you can!

I apologise that this means you have to go through the process again, however if you are serious enough in learning about cake then I would believe it worth your efforts.

This gift which was $300 is now valued at $600 worth of my time so I hope that you are all understanding and appreciative of the attempts I have made to rectify this wrong.

Thanks everyone. I'll give a week to get your comments in below before I announce the second winner. Remember the same rules apply as previous, apart from the 25 words or less. Pin It

Winner of the one on one tutorial.....

Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated. It's so nice to hear your lovely compliments and by no means do I consider myself a master of the cake, but I'm all to aware myself how much it costs to learn the craft so it's nice to be able to give this gift.
For those who all missed out, please bear in mind that I do offer private lessons. Payment plans are accepted, however it does need to be paid in full before the tutorial.

Okay, firstly the runners up are:

  • Annie Palfrey (I'm sorry but I could not stop laughing at your post!)
  • Natasha Crouch (because I'm a cakeoholic too)
  • Annette Ibrahim (I'm sorry Annette because you have just been through so much)
Because I had so much trouble deciding. As runner-ups, you are eligible for a 15% discount voucher towards private tutorials should you wish to take any. Please email me kate@vanillalily.com.au if you wish to claim this voucher.

FINALLY, the winner is................... Andrea Browne!

Congrats Andrea! You mentioned about all the love you put into your cakes and that it is 100% why my cakes are what they are, because putting love into the work/cakes that you do = time, care, attention to detail and striving for the absolute best (and tastiest). Please be sure to email me Andrea so we can arrange your tutorial schedule.

Thank you again ladies for your entries and I apologise for anyone who has been disappointed. I'll be sure to offer another tutorial giveaway in the future :-)
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