06 September 2011

Giveaway further announcement

What is that saying - no good deed goes unpunished? It was an attempt to show my appreciation for your Facebook support however I feel hurt and disappointed that many of you are up in arms about the competition. This prize is a total value of $300 and is certainly not cheap. I am gifting time away from my children and valuable knowledge that I spent years, hard work and money learning myself. I hope you all appreciate that.

HOWEVER, in saying all of the above, I can see everyones point and I will admit in all my dithering to make a decision (because I wanted everyone to win), that particular rule was forgotten and I offer my sincerest apologies as you are correct in stating that it has not been made fair on those who strictly played by the rules. Thank you Mel for putting your names to your comments - I appreciate it and I do look forward to making more cakes in the future for such a lovely person who is not afraid to speak her mind!

Now, in order to rectify this situation, I have decided to change this gift to a two person tutorial. Having already announced Andrea as a winner, I feel I cannot go back on my decision, what is done is done so to speak.
Now to make this fair, you will all get a chance to re-post your comments below, however I will remove 25 words or less restriction so you have all had the same chance as Andrea to let me know about your love of cake. However, please try and keep from writing mini novels if you can!

I apologise that this means you have to go through the process again, however if you are serious enough in learning about cake then I would believe it worth your efforts.

This gift which was $300 is now valued at $600 worth of my time so I hope that you are all understanding and appreciative of the attempts I have made to rectify this wrong.

Thanks everyone. I'll give a week to get your comments in below before I announce the second winner. Remember the same rules apply as previous, apart from the 25 words or less. Pin It


  1. Oh Kate you're lovely. I just could see where that lady was coming from but gosh, at the end of the day you make all your cakes from the heart - made with nothing but love. You are not a professional when it comes to running competitions, nor would I personally expect you to be. I love you for your cakes. Your competitions are a wonderful bonus for us to enjoy. I wasn't really bothered by it, probably because I didn't enter it (I am HOPELESS with words!) ... but like I said, well done to Andrea. Her post was lovely. I could see how you couldn't go past it. And what a wonderful offer to give another competition. Just shows us all you are a gorgeous woman who enjoys simply making others happy. Good luck to all who enter. I won't enter for my cakes don't even rise 2cm's high, let alone then decorate them! lol ... and yes, I definitely am looking forward to ordering from you again xx Mel

  2. A date with Kate would be so great,
    watching her decorate and create,
    learing her tricks of the trade, so much fun!
    what better way to spend a day one on one.
    So maybe i'll win or maybe i wont
    But fun it has been to sit here in hope!
    So off to dream of what i might make,
    If I won a cake date, with the lovely Kate :)
    ~Caroline G~

  3. I hope the nasty people that could not put their name to their comments before are not so bold as to put themselves in the running again. Horrid cows. ;)

  4. Just for the record Aroha and Mim, are they entries, because they are good ones, thanks. Just so everyone knows, yes, this is the post where you can place your new competition entry :-)

  5. To create a cake with Kate, that would be great.
    To spend a day with you, would make my dream come true. Just me and Kate.


  6. I don't need 25 words - just one :~ CAKE-A-HOLIC!! Ok maybe not a 'word' but it's true!

    K - eep smiling while you create your masterpieces
    A - lways remember you have a kind heart
    T - ake the long way and learn from the bumps
    E - ternally 'Kateful' for the opportunity of a second chance

    Thanks Vanilla Lily x x x

    Natasha Crouch

  7. Dear Kate
    Thanks you for redoing this giveaway and it is greatly appreicated. There is no place for the rude comments. However, I will like to point out that you are running a business and a very successful one at that. The giveaway while as you say is through the goodness of your heart, this is a form of advertising and you will be able to claim the $600 lost as a tax deduction. As mentioned while it is appreciated, it is soemwhat unprofessional of you (from a business sense and not a creative sense) to say that it is taking time away from your children., Any business to keep its client base happy will be doing likw wise. i for one, will not be reentering incase i won, teh prize will be tinged with a guilt since you have put such a spin on it by saying its time away from your kids. I dont think you will be out of pocket as this will be a valid tax deduction.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. While your opinion is appreciated, we do not know Kate. I do not feel guilty for entering the draw. I do feel that this lady will not be so willing to giveaway anything again. Comments that are rude and making Kate feel bad are not wanted on here. Please refrain from making comments unless we are entering the draw. Thank you Kate for being so willing to share your talent, you will be out of pocket of your precious time which that cannot be replaced. Money comes easy but time does not. I for one will be placing my hand in the draw. So please pick me Alicia NSW

  10. My Mummy makes cakes but not as good as you. I would like to make my Mummy a cake as she always makes ours. I can make my own cupcakes but not a big cake. Love Emmasyn Hills xx

  11. How about trying a little common sense and not kicking a girl while she's down? I highly doubt she needs a lesson in accounting, but at the end of the day, her point was that this is a GIFT, and if you're not interested in receiving it, butt out. We're all human and sometimes make mistakes. What makes us all so perfect to judge?

    To clarify Kate, this is not an entry as I've been blessed enough to be a recipient of your time already and such a gift should be shared around.

    To Andrea and the next lucky winner: congratulations, you will enjoy every minute and learn an abundance of new skills. Can't wait to see what comes from your tutes.

    Claire H.

  12. To win this tute
    would be so bute
    to make my cakes look so cute!
    Seriously, I would be over the moon to win this so that I could create cakes that have the wow factor. I put so much time and effort (and blood, sweat and tears) into my cakes, but need that extra touch that you could teach me with your amazing talent.
    Shamone H

  13. I would love to learn from you Kate.

    We have two children and I make all their birthday cakes. Just to be able to make something they gasp with excitement at would make my day.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Leanne Faber

  14. To have the opportunity to study with you would be a dream come true, baking has always been a big part of my life (I'm a cakeaholic) & is one of the few things that truly  brighten my day.

    But from the age of 13 until 18 I suffered with severe anorexia & depression & during this time I never allowed myself to taste my creations & even at one stage couldn't bake because I was terrified the ingredients would absorb into my skin or smelling it meant I inhaled calories..

    As you can imagine being cakeless for years & only baking on the days I wasn't depressed made for life to be pretty uninspiring. I'm now recovered at 21 & filling my life with all the things I love & missed out on :) it would be an honor to learn from such an amazing person like you.

    Rachael McLaren
    p.s. Sorry about the novel :)

  15. To the poster above listed as 'anonymous', whilst you have made mention of other contributors rude comments, you I place high in this category. Why? Your comments are like a wolf dressed up in sheeps clothing - whilst not being outright rude, your assumptions about me and my business are rude all the same. If you feel the need to make comments about me and my business then I reserve every right to address your so called claims.
    I pointed out the time away from my kids, because frankly, that is what it is. Does anyone else who does something away from their kids call it something different? I am merely making this a mention because I want people to understand the importance I am placing on this prize.
    Now, on what assumptions have you based my business as being successful and what in your opinion is the meaning of success to you? because I can assure you, success can mean different things to diffferent people.
    Further, what makes you sit on your high horse and judge to me what is professional and what is not - who made you the expert?
    As you obviously felt the need to post about how to run my business and subsequent tax accountibility, you obviously know nothing about me (hence why are you making these comments about someone you know nothing about?) because if you did, you would know I am a qualified Accountant and have been working as such in the industry for 18 years, I still am! Yes my little so called successful cake business, is a part time business that I do more for my love of the cake, that it happens to earn a few dollars to run my household is a side benefit. So don't ever lecture me about tax claims again. I know full well how to run my business and not once have I ever claimed a tax deduction for any cupcakes or cake giveaways I have ever done, simply because they are gifts, GIFTS.
    Moving on, I actually find it laughable that you think of my Facebook likers as a client base. My lovely likers I'll have you know, hail from all parts of the world, and like my page not because they order cakes off me all the time, they like my page because they enjoy seeing my craft and find inspiration. Same as I do in liking plenty of other cake pages around Australia and the world. Do you actually know how many people on my page actually live in Brisbane? Probably about a third or less. Do you want to know how much business I gain from having a facebook page - hmmmmm .... 5%!!! Yes so here I am, little old me, running a successful little cake business, spending a value of $600 of time on a gift, where do you know how much business that would garner were I to spend $600 of advertising in a bridal magazine? A heck of a lot more than what giving a gift away to the tune of $600 has done for me with my little old 5% of people on Facebook generously gifting me with their business.
    So once again, don't lecture me on my so called client base.
    Don't even lecture me on how this is done solely to further my business because based on those stats above, it's laughable.
    You're sitting so far up on your high horse you have failed to see that I am doing this for the gift of giving. In knowing how much I myself have spent on training, I know how much harder it is for others who have less then me and I want to give something back.
    Now next time before you feel the need to gift me with your words of wisdom, think about what you are saying and whether your opinions are based on truths or assumptions.

    Now carry on everyone with placing your competition entries below as I'm looking forward to them. I'll apologise to all those who have had to deal with this issue along with me. Fancy so much controversy over something so small.
    Frankly I'm sorry I've had to waste my time with people who can't see past their own noses.

  16. please help me strike one thing of my bucket list ..to learn from a professional how to make flowers that dont look like teeth. I would be so very grateful. I get asked to make cakes for my grandies and great grandies they are made with love but lack finesse in the decorating department.
    Annie Palfrey. Brisbane

  17. Oh so you're an accountant too Kate! This is not an entry (I don't actually agree that you should have had to run it again so I won't enter again). I'm a mum and an accountant too who has a major passion for cakes with lots of attention to detail. I would love to meet you one day. I'll see if I can book in for one of your courses.
    Nerissa www.flickr.com/photos/sweet_elegance

  18. My 5 year old daughter is addicted to watching cake shows, she wants to meet "cake boss" and she wants to be a baker when she grows up. I can make cupcakes, and she can practically make them herself now, {she is totally creative it scares me, and goes to bed surrounded by scizzors, pens and papers.} She wants a 'Monkey' party for her birthday (long story! LOL) and of course a cake to match. After 'showing' me how easy it would be with some fondant, which she coloured and moulded herself complete with Banana in paw, she has BEGGED me to make her a cake. Kate... HELP ME!!! I would love to be able to do this for her, but need some expert advise. I want her to look up to me as her 'hero' for just 'giving it a go', like we always tell her to do. Lisa Gallwey PS, I too run a business, ignore the haters! This kind of business tends to take more from your family then give, so I understand, and you are VERY generous!

  19. I am no poet so I won't try to rhyme but I would love the opportunity to be given the prize. I get a great deal of pleasure out of creating my cakes but it is the please that they give that makes me make cakes. The smile on the faces of my friends and family when I provide a cake they could never have afforded otherwise. As I watch my creations chopped up and consumed it puts a smile on my face and makes me want to stay up late and an stress out all over again!!!!! Michelle Kirkby

  20. Preheat the oven of learning of excellence
    Mix in a day of giggles and fun
    Bake to my hearts content
    Decorate with the best
    Enjoy the one of a kind Treat of a lifetime

    Larissa ramsay