16 December 2010

Cake Pedestal Hire

Square cake pedestal in white - two available.
Personalise with ribbon.
We can decorate or choose to decorate yourself.
10 inch diameter - alternatively holds 9 cupcakes and both stands in use on a dessert table looks lovely.

Round, white cake pedestal.
Personalise with ribbon.
10 inch diameter.

Pink milk glass cake pedestal.
12 inch diameter.

Square bon bon cake stand.
10 inch diameter.

Round white cake pedestal, simple and elegant.
12 inch diameter.

8 tier perspex cupcake stand.
Use from 2 tiers up to 8 tiers. Top tier 6 inch diameter.
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  1. Many people searching for a hobby that they can enjoy for the long road ahead are thrilled to find out how much baking satisfies this desire -- the pride that comes from a well baked cake is something that has to be experienced first hand to be fully understood. Even if baking isn't a deep passion for you, you understand the delight that comes from making food for other people. A cake is an easy and interesting way to show the people around you that you really do care for them. A tiered cake stand plays into all of this nicely by quietly showcasing your cake and making it available for people to easily get a slice for themselves.
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